Oakgrove Feel Good video series


Each week we will present to you little mobility & movement tricks to make you feel good. Sure, we train to look good also but most of the feedback we get from our wonderful members

Oakgrove Feel Good video series2018-01-17T20:46:32+00:00

A Healthy New Year – Simple Steps


Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 2018. Wait...hoping? The first mistake. Hope doesn't work, planning does. In the KISS tradition (Keep it Simple, Stupid!), plan to make a small amount of minor changes. New

A Healthy New Year – Simple Steps2017-12-31T12:05:40+00:00

Benefits of the Sauna


At Oakgrove, our sauna is a popular facility enjoyed by all our members. It's like a warm, relaxing social room! The benefits of regular sauna use may not be widely known or understood however, so

Benefits of the Sauna2017-10-19T10:49:27+00:00
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