Swim Lessons at Lavanagh will re-start on Tuesday 26th October.


One set of 6 lessons will be held before Christmas as follows;
Tuesday and Thursday    5;20. 6.00,  6:40. 7:20* pm

Sat & Sun     9:20. 10:00. 10:40,  11:20*am

Monday        5;20. 6.00,  6:40.

Next Set will commence January 2022, all going well.
*Time may change subject to demand.
Cost: €100 for 6 weeks. Each lesson is 40 minutes.

Fees must be paid before swim at Lavanagh by cash or cheque on the day.

No fees can be accepted at Oakgrove.

Children should arrive swim ready with robe or loose clothing, own sports bag etc. We will make special arrangements for any child that cannot dress themselves, as we did before.