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Oakgrove Semi-Private training: look & feel your best. Personal training in small groups, Cork.

Most people are familiar with personal training and it’s benefits. However, not so many are aware of the benefits of small group (or semi-private) training. Here are some reasons why this method of training is a good way to progress for many people, particularly beginners.

Semi-Private fitness training groups

1. More Fun. There is nothing like training in a group. You can chat, or observe and get inspired by others. Even though your focus and program is your own, the energy with others training around you can help kickstart your motivation!

2. Like personal training but more affordable / shared cost. Save money, but keep high levels of attention. Win-win.

3. Learn correct technique. This is absolutely vital to making real progress on a goal. Without knowing how to move properly, you’re on a hiding to nothing. When you don’t know how to do an exercise, you are compromising results and increasing the risk of injury. Getting good coaching on the other hand, will make sure you’re moving safely and getting the best results from your time in the gym. Plus, a good coach will scale or adapt an exercise to suit you when you need it.

4. The program is catered for you, within a group. Semi-private training does not mean 1-size-fits-all training programs. Your program is individual to you. We perform a 30-min consultation to get to know you, your exercise history, medical history, goals, likes and dislikes. If your goals and likes are similar to someone else’s, then great! But we don’t expect or force it.

5. Social outlet…make new friends or train with your own friends. Let’s face it, we are social creatures, we like to be social, to chat and engage with others. Semi-private training is a great activity to arrange with close friends to train together
and have a laugh.

6. Make faster progress at skills/technical movements. Semi-private training, and personal training both offer huge potential for progress for any trainee. The key is having a fitness coach dedicated to looking after your progress and using fun movements to challenge and progress you.

7. Fitness ‘Appointments’. Nobody likes missing an appointment. When you sign up to a program, or a session at a set time, your are making yourself accountable to someone. On the other hand, if you have a vague plan to train by yourself sometime later after work etc….it can be so easy to skip it. Life derails us.

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See what our clients have to say…

“The knowledge of the trainer was great on how best to built strength and increase flexibility for my specific sport and goals. I’m seeing the results already on the court after 5 weeks of training. I also feel better equipped now on how to avoid injuries and I feel great overall! I would definitely recommend the semi-private training as it’s very enjoyable in a small group and I feel it’s money well spent” Pat Dinan

“Increased Energy Level and Mobility. The strengthening sorted out a ongoing neck injury I had. Definitely a good investment in health” Gillian Brohan.

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