Group swimming lessons at the Lavanagh Centre, Ballintemple from Saturday 2nd September onwards.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5.00pm, 5.35pm, 6.10pm and 6.45pm.

Saturday and Sunday 9.25am, 10.00am, 10.35am and 11.10am.

Cost €130 for 8 weeks, 35 minute lessons.

(For directions, see Google Map below for School of the Divine Child)

If you have any queries regarding changes or payment etc please contact us when you call to Lavanagh for your class. If you wish to change day or time please consult supervisor at the pool. Please note changes are not always possible.

private swim lessons cork

Arrangements at Lavanagh

    • All children must be dropped to the reception door a couple of minutes before their lesson.
    • Please bring your child dressed and fully ready for their lessons “beach ready / pool ready”. We recommend dressing gowns instead of “onesies” as they are easier for the kids to change into.
    • Place robe and towel in the box provided.
    • Unfortunately, there will not be any indoor access for parents / guardians before the lesson begins. If you need special accommodation please contact us at reception in advance. You may access the changing room after the lessons only if your child is unable to dress themselves.
    • Should a swimmer need help dressing there are a number of screened off areas in the reception.

We ask for your full cooperation in this matter to ensure we always keep all our clients safe.

The course fee is €130 for 8 weeks. Each lesson is 35 minutes. You can pay on the day at the pool. We cannot accept payments at Oakgrove.

Thanks and see you soon.

Dan & Marguerite Morley